Fortifying Your Business: The Essential Guide to Preventing Devastating Information Security Incidents

Are you concerned about the rising number of information security incidents and their devastating consequences for businesses? The truth is, most organizations are simply not designed to stop modern cyber attacks. Hackers have shifted from direct attacks, which require a host of skills and tools, to using malware as an easy way to infiltrate networks. Once inside, the hacker can create an outbound encrypted tunnel, giving them control of the system in complete stealth, rendering traditional perimeter-based security layers ineffective.

Updating patches and using antivirus software is simply not enough. In fact, antivirus software only catches 45% of malware attacks, according to a Senior Vice President of Information Security at Symantec. What can organizations do to protect sensitive data from being accessed and to avoid the high cost of an information security incident?

At Simple Quantum, we offer a data incident prevention service that separates your active directory or RADIUS authentication of users from the authentication used to secure your sensitive data. This way, only those with authority to access the data can see it, rather than any user or any user with escalated privileges. Enhanced auditing capabilities allow you to see who is accessing what and when, giving you peace of mind when securing data at rest. Our solution is designed to work with large and small networks, without any infrastructure or capital costs. Best of all, our solution is completely transparent to end-users, without the need for PC-based agents or key management.

The cost of implementing the right solutions to protect your organization against the latest threats is small compared to the impact of an incident. Target may be liable for up to 3.6 billion because of their attack. Most organizations see major changes to their executive management teams because of an incident. Stock prices plummet and sometimes do not recover. Customer trust is lost. The brand is tarnished. Fines and fees are assessed. Usually class-action lawsuits are filed. Revenue and profits are dramatically impacted. Regulatory and industry compliance is impacted.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us today to find out how we can help your organization prevent information security incidents and protect your sensitive data without impacting day-to-day operations. It’s time to shift from traditional thinking and adopt a solution that actually works against the latest cyber threats.

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